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Ban Horse Slaughter


Collaborate with Us!


Resource collaboration is one of the best ways to raise awareness. To suggest content and or images from your website in support of a cause that we currently cover or plan to cover, email a link to your website.

Once approved, we will follow up to make arrangements. Content and images will be selected from your website and placed on one of our show and resource pages. We will include link(s) back to your website and credit you as requested. In exchange for driving traffic to your website we ask that you reciprocate by placing a banner on your website with a link back to each show page where your content is published.

Our listener response and website traffic indicates very strong success for our shows. Many of our programs have gone viral, reaching over 100 countries worldwide. The success of several of our shows is in part due to the overwhelming support by organizations that in effect ban together for support of the show/ cause by collaborating resources.

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Collaborating Organizations & Artists

Special thanks to these organizations for contributing content in support of audio documentaries and radio broadcasts.

Best Friends

United Stance Against Horse Slaughter (USAH)

Come Stand With us! We believe that...

  • Horse slaughter is NOT humane and cannot be made humane
  • Horse slaughter does NOT stop; has nothing to do with Abuse, Neglect or Abandonment of equines
  • Americans do NOT support human consumption of horsemeat
  • A Federal Law permanently banning horse slaughter in the US is necessary
  • A Fed Law permanently banning the transport of Equines for slaughter is necessary
  • Wild horses and burros belong free on the range
  • A moratorium on all BLM round ups is necessary
  • Horses may become homeless, but No horse is “unwanted”
  • Horse owners should have the right to humanely euthanize their equine
  • Equine owners and breeders must take responsibility for the life of each equine in their charge
    Saving America's Horses
Go! Americans Against Horse Slaughter Animal Advocate TV
Animals' Angels Animal Fairy Charities Animal Law Coalition
Another Chance for Horses Go! Balanced Horse
Beayty Haven Rescue Canadian HorseDefense Coalition Catnip Acres
Chapman Arts Cirnwealls Voice for Animals Equine Advocates
Equine Welfare Alliance Empire Dreamcatcher Farm Forgotten Friends Rescue
Compassionate Animal TV Go! Go!
Humanion Films Banner Hye Joung Tibby IDA
Journeys End Ranch Kaeili Kramer Foundation KaufmanZoning
LERR BNR Manes and Tails Mane Street Bakery
Maria Daines Miracle Horse Rescue Monero Mustangs
Montana Messenger Mustanging The West NEER
Pillow with a Heartbeat Quarter Acre Rescue Go!
Pixie Projects RACE Fund BNR Respect for Horses
Smarty's Gift Stable Straight From the Horses Heart The Cloud Foundation
Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue WFL Endangered Stream Live WFLF Banner
WHOA BNR   Wild Mustang Coalition



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