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Canadian Seafood Boycott

Red Lobster

This large chain of restaurants may be the single largest importer of Canadian seafood in the world.

The Red Lobster restaurant chain is the world's largest purchaser of Canadian seafood and, in particular, seafood sold by Canadian sealers. For this reason, organizations are doing all they can to convince Red Lobster to help end the Canadian commercial seal hunt by boycotting Canadian seafood. So far, Red Lobster has refused to do so. Please join us in asking Red Lobster President Kim A. Lopdrup not to buy or serve Canadian seafood until the Canada's commercial seal hunt is ended.

Help educate Red Lobster patrons and show them how they can help influence Red Lobster to do the right thing and help end the slaughter of seals. Download this Red Lobster leaflet which can be handed to Red Lobster customers as they are entering the restaurant and/or placed on their windshields! Share it with friends and family. Make copies and distribute widely! [Note: Print 2-sided and cut into fourths]

Canadian Seafood Boycott

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WFL Seal Poster

Urge your local grocer to join the Canadian Seafood Boycott GO!

Why We Boycott Canadian Seafood

The Canadian sealers are fishermen. Sealing is an off-season activity for them, a way to earn a few bucks before the start of the fishing season. The Canadian seafood boycott allows us to pressure sealers to stop killing seals - or risk losing their main source of income.

Many seafood companies lobby for the seal slaughter. One of them (the Barry Group) owns the second largest seal skin processing company (Atlantic Marine Products) and therefore has a direct reason to support the seal hunt.

HSUS Press Release


The Humane Society of the United States



UN Nigel Barker

International Photographers Nigel Barker and Luo Hong Open World Environment Day Photo Exhibit at the United Nations
New York, June 3, 2009 -- In recognition of World Environment Day 2009, international photographers Nigel Barker, of “America's Next Top Model” and Luo Hong, founder of the Luo Hong Foundation in China, will partner in a photographic exhibition at United Nations Headquarters in New York. Hosted by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the exhibit, titled “Shared Destiny: Wildlife from Africa to the Arctic,” showcases work by both photographers that simultaneously celebrates earth’s animals and addresses human practices that affect global biodiversity. Through the exhibit, UNEP, Barker and Luo hope to raise awareness of the public about human acts happening all over the world that harm the delicate environmental balance and sustainability, such as over-exploitation of nature, irresponsible dumping, and unsustainable hunting.

Opening Ceremony Event Details

What: Opening of World Environment Day Exhibit, “Shared Destiny: Wildlife from Africa to the Arctic”
When: Thursday, June 4, 2009, 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Where: United Nations Headquarters, Northeast Gallery of the Visitor’s Lobby
1st Ave. between 45th St. and 46th St.

Following the opening ceremony, the exhibit will run from Friday, June 5th through Sunday, July 12th from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day. Admission is free.




A Sealed Fate?

A Nigel Barker Film

Baby Harp Seal_ Photo Nigel Barker 


Nigel Barker & The HSUS


"A Sealed Fate?

A Traveling Exhibit for Protect Seals

ZUNE LA- May 13th & 14th

8275 Beverly Blvd, Los Anageles, CA


Nigel Shooting



"A Sealed Fate?" A documentary film and photographs by Nigel Barker for The HSUS.

"A Sealed Fate?" provides an intimate look at the short-lived lives of baby harp seals victimized by the annual commercial seal hunt which serves as the largest slaughter of marine mammals on Earth.


About Nigel Barker

Nigel BarkerBritish-born, Nigel barker started his career in fashion in the eighties working in Paris, Milan and london, finally setting up his own photo studio in New York City in 1996 and has since become an internationally renowned fashion and portrait photographer. Barker is highly regarded for his work as photographer and judge from the popular TV show, "America's Next Top Model", which airs in over 125 countries and has an audience of more than 100 million viewers each week. Nigel has always been involved in charity work and due to his celebrity on Top Model, he has been able to spread his humanitarian message to a vast audience.



Seal Photo Nigel Barker






Click on the Image below to watch Nigel Barker's Video © HSUS



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"A Sealed Fate?"

A Nigel Barker Film

Nigel Barker travels to the stunning ice floes off the coast of Canada's eastern shore to film the birth and the ensuing hunt of the harp seal pups.


A Sealed Fate Cover Photo



Nigel Barker @ Zune

Nigel Barker & Katia Louise: "A Sealed Fate?" Screening & Exhibit, Zune LA, CA

Katia Louise_ Nigel Barker


Nigel Barker



UN Nigel Event


Seal Photo Nigel Barker


Nigel barker and baby seal



"Seal Warriors"

Featuring Captain Paul Watson & Nigel Barker

Captain Paul Watson

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"Seal Warriors"

Featuring Captain Paul Watson & Nigel Barker

Help spread the word to save the seals.

Premiere: Sun 4/25/09

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Save the Baby Seals BNR

"Save the Baby Seals" Player


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“As guardians of nature in the stewardship of our planet, our endowment of intellect and creative talents are gifts to humankind that should be used for the benefit of all living creatures"

-Katia Louise


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