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UN Nigel Barker

International Photographers Nigel Barker and Luo Hong Open World Environment Day Photo Exhibit at the United Nations
New York Go to Nigel's Display Page



2009 Genesis Awards

Every year, the Genesis Awards pays tribute to the major news and entertainment media for producing outstanding works such as these, which raise public understanding of animal issues. As much as film, television, print and the arts reflect societal attitudes, they also help shape and change those attitudes. The mass media have the power to spotlight animal issues to vast audiences—literally at the speed of light.

This year's gala and awards ceremony were held in tribute to The Humane Society of the United States' Protect Seals Campaign. Go to Nigel's Display Page

Wyler Award Recipients

Congratulations Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi!



A Sealed Fate?

A Nigel Barker Film


Nigel Barker & The HSUS


"A Sealed Fate?

A Traveling Exhibit for Protect Seals


Nigel Shooting



Worldest 2009


Worldfest BNR

WorldFest, a solar-powered, vegan, and sustainable music festival attended by many celebrities interested in animal welfare, the planet, and a healthy lifestyle. Mariana Tosca hosted the Main Stage events which included appearances and performances by Tippi Hedren, actress and founder of the Shambala Preserve, Kathy Freston, bestselling author of Quantum Wellness, Captain Paul Watson from Animal Planet’s Whale Wars and Persia White from the hit TV series. Go to Nigel's Display Page




Paul WatsonAn Update on Sea Shepherd News with Captain Paul Watson

Sea Shepherd has a lot of preparation to do in organizing for their return to Antarctica in Dec ember. "We’re trying to go down with 2 ships. We were able to cut their quota in half last year and if we can get two ships we might be able to cut it down to 90%" Paul said.

Lush has been helpful withSea Shepherd's campaign to end sealing in Canada and shark finning worldwide. Watson said, "we just got a big victory with the seals because the EU Parliament passed a bill to ban seal products which meant they only took 21% of their quota." Canada had set out to kill over 330,000 baby seals this year. "So it was a good year for the seals and hopefully we can have the same kind of impact on shark finning" said Paul.

Sea Shepherd also has ongoing work in Galapagos where they are confiscating shark fins at the airports and ports. Paul also said, "we have surveillance parked in the northern islands so we’re cutting down poaching quite a bit. Go to Nigel's Display Page





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Genesis Awards


Oprah WinfreyThe Talk Show winner is... Oprah Winfrey! Producer Caroline Ziv and Supervising Producer Lisa Morin accepted the award on behalf of Oprah. Go to Nigel's Display Page



"A Sealed Fate?"

A Nigel Barker Film

Nigel Barker travels to the stunning ice floes off the coast of Canada's eastern shore to film the birth and the ensuing hunt of the harp seal pups. Go to Nigel's Display Page


Nigel Barker @ Zune


Nigel Barker


UN Nigel Event



"Seal Warriors"

Featuring Captain Paul Watson & Nigel Barker

Captain Paul Watson

"Seal Warriors"

Featuring Captain Paul Watson & Nigel Barker

Help spread the word to save the seals.

Premiere: Sun 4/25/09

Show & Resource Page GO!

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Save the Baby Seals BNR



Sea Shepherd




Katia Louise“As guardians of nature in the stewardship of our planet, our endowment of intellect and creative talents are gifts to humankind that should be used for the benefit of all living creatures"

-Katia Louise



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