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Seal Warriors BNR


"A fascinating insight into the man and his activism, and an informative and encouraging review of the campaign to abolish Canada's inherently cruel commercial seal hunt."

- Bridget Curran, Director Atlantic Canadian Anti-Sealing

"Thank you for your recent broadcast about the Canadian seal slaughter, Seal Warriors. Your interview with Captain Paul Watson gave me new insight and perspective on this issue, even though I have been involved as an activist for a number of years. Watson gives a no-holds-barred inside look at why the hunt continues and how we can stop it. I applaud your show in the calibre of its guests and in getting vital information out to a wide audience."

-Alice Bruckenstein
Composer and lyricist of
Song for Canada's Harp Seals

"The show is an eye opener to those that aren't involved yet as much,but also a good inspiration for all of us.Captain Watson is a true activist,a man with passion,wissdom and character.A true warrior who will never give up the fight."

-Claudia Peters


'Ol Southern Style BNR


Tails of Asia BNR


Save the Baby Seals


In Spirit of the Wolfdog


My Elephant


Saving America's Horses


Sentenced by Profile












"Concrete Evidence"

with Mariana Tosca, David Casselmen,

Catherine Doyle, Adam Roberts & Sheryl Green







"Seal Warriors"

Featured Guest: Paul Watson

Special Guests: Nigel Barker, Bridget Curran & Ian Robichaud


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'Ol Southern Style

Guests: Laura Allen, Rebecca Guinn, Peter MacQueen, Linda Cordry





"Tails of Asia"

Guests: Dena Jones, Jill Robinson, Bill Dyer


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"Save the Baby Seals"

Guest: Ian Robichaud


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"Spirit of the Wolfdog"

Guest: Mike Lehane


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"Sentenced by Profile"

Guests: Laura Allen & Drayton Michaels


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"My Elephant, An Artist's Journey"

Guest: Mayuka Thais & Melya Kaplan


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"Compassion for Billy - Insights"

Guests: Marci Morgan, Georja Umano and Mayuka Thais


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Seal Warriors sm bnr



Upcoming Episodes:

"Concrete Evidence"

An expert guest panel spotlights the serious health factors that elephants face while confined to small concrete spaces in zoos and circuses. The discussion includes the topics of wild capture, habitat destruction and poaching as related to both captive elephants and those in the wild. Updates regarding the ongoing law suit against the City of Los Angeles will be discussed along with a focused look at the Billy, the LA Zoo's elephant.

Featured Guests: Mariana Tosca, David Casselman, Catherine Dolye, Sheryl Greene & Adam Roberts

Show and Resource Page: GO!

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On Demand:

"Seal Warriors"

Captain Paul Watson, Founder, Executive Director of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will be a Featured Guest of WFL Endangered Stream Live, Talk Radio for Animal Protection. Watson will address the importance of preserving the harp seals and current state of affairs regarding the Canadian Seal Hunt during this special segment entitled, “Seal Warriors”.

Premiere: Saturday, April 25th, 2009.

The WFL Endangered Stream Live chat room will be open during the live broadcast.

Paul Watson, native to Canada and a lifelong activist; is the world’s most influential person in the anti- sealing campaign. Sea Shepherd has been fighting sealers since 1975, and over the course of a quarter of a century they have saved hundreds of thousands of seals from slaughter using many different and creative methods. Sea Shepherd's highly-publicized efforts have helped in creating awareness, which is the first step in enacting change.

Special Guest Call-Ins with Nigel Barker, Ian Robichaud and Bridget Curran.

With "Song for Canada's Harp Seals"

Please listen and take action to help.

Hosted by Katia Louise with WFL Contributor, Amanda Daniel and DivaVega live in the chat room as the Coordinator for Simulcast Discussions.

Help spread the word to save the seals.

Show & Resource Page GO!


'Ol Southern Style

Forgotten Shelter Dogs & Cats Suffer Horrific Torture under the Guise of Euthanasia.

Seventeen years of winks and nods by officials acting in violation of existing laws meant to protect animals from cruelty. Dogs and cats face slow suffocation while crammed together and left to die. No regulations exist that enforce the protection of these animals from cruelty. In crippling agony, many surviving animals then are dumped at landfills and buried alive. Living stray dogs and cats are being left by officials in trash bins.

The segment will bring to light some prime examples of shelter cruelty that’s been going on for many years and will inform listeners of current pending bills to make it stop. We will begin with a focused look at Georgia and North Carolina and educate listeners from those areas on specific action to take. The phone lines will later open to take calls as we discuss the silent shelter cruelties that run ramped across the states.

'Ol Southern Style takes a look into shelter cruelty with the south as an example of the kind of cruelty that's actually happening across America. In most cases these are county shelters that are funded by US tax payer dollars.   

With Guests: Animal Law Attorney, Laura Allen; Attorney and Founder/ Director of Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta Rebecca Guinn; President of The Humane Society of Eastern NC Peter MacQueen; Biologist, Animal Control & Vet Tech Linda Cordry

Hosted by Katia Louise with DivaVega live in the chat room as the Coordinator for Simulcast Discussions.

Get Involved - End the Cruelty!

Show & Resource Page GO!

"Tails of Asia"

A look into the world's fur industry and the consumption of companion animals, with a focus on the use of dogs and cats for fur and food. Discover how real fur is being used and mislabled as fake fur. Learn what you can do to help make a difference toward ending the cruelty.

Katia Louise hosts with featured guest, Dena Jones, Director of Programs for the US office of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA); Jill Robinson- Founder/ CEO Animals Asia Foundation; Bill Dyer- Regional Director In Defense of Animals.

Anti- Fur Series

Go to Show & Resource Page: GO!


"Save the Baby Seals"

Join Guest, the Founder of Ian Robichaud for an educational and enlightening discussion about the looming slaughter of another 300,000 baby seals.

Every year Canadian fishermen shoot, bludgeon and skin over 300,000 baby seals; many spend hours dying in their own blood. Many are skinned alive.

This slaughter can be stopped and we can stop it. Please listen and take action to help.

Help spread the word to save the seals.

Go to show & Resource Page! GO!


"In Spirit of the Wolfdog"

Guest Mike Lehane of Wolfdog Rescue Resources joins Host, Katia Louise in an educational discussion on the topic of wolfdogs and domesticated wolf rescue, placement and recovery.

Learn the difference between wolves in the wild and domesticated wolves. Discover the traits inherent in your dog as they relate to wolfdogs and their ancestor wolves. Hear the inside story about wolfdog breeding and the rapidly growing need for special facilities and sanctuary required in order to rescue them.

Go to Show and Resource Page!


"My Elephant, An Artists Journey"

Mayuka’s journey as an artist reveal how she redirected her original intentions from that as an artist observing wildlife to that of an advocate for life itself.

Katia Louise hosts with an inspiring look at activism. Featuring popular artist, singer/ song writer, Mayuka Thais.

Guest Melya Kaplan of Voice For The Animals Foundation.

Learn more at Show Page


"Saving America's Horses"

Saving America's Horses centers on the Hidden Cruelty of Horse Slaughter and the Fight for Federal Support to Make it Stop.

Get the facts you need to know about the continuing sordid practice of horse slaughter as currently sustained by the United States.

Guests include Paula Bacon representing Americans Against Horse Slaughter and as former Mayor of Kaufman TX; renown author on the issue of horse slaughter, John Holland; senior analyst for Americans Against Horse Slaughter; Animal Law Attorney, Laura Allen of the Animal Law Coalition and Nena Winand DVM, PHD representing Veterinarians for Equine Welfare.


"Sentenced by Profile"

How to Protect Your Pet and Stop Breed Specific Legislation. Today’s discussion is regarding specific breeds of dogs and pending legislation that dictates their owners surrender them for destruction.

Host Katia Louise with guests Laura Allen Animal Law Attorney of Animal Law Coalition and Drayton Michaels of Pitbull Giru to learn more about this ramped trend in legislation that currently threatens pet owner’s rights and the core of their human/ pet bond as a family unit.

Learn More on the Show Page




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